The detection of pivot doors in the open state is generally possible, but must be checked on a case-by-case basis depending on requirements. The challenge for detection is the wind loads acting on the door and the size of the sashes. To lock the pivot door in the desired position, air-lux offers you different holding mechanisms depending on the size and profile.

Electromechanical lock

When using the PD 90 system (system depth 90 mm), an electromechanical buffer can be installed in the door system. With this solution, a rubber buffer is pushed downwards by pressing the air-lux button in the doorway.

Manual lock

The door can also be locked manually using a square bar in the door rebate. The door can be locked and unlocked using a small slide that can be pushed up or down. For this purpose, a ground sleeve is inserted in the floor area into which the locking rod of the square bar is immersed.