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160 Park View – Frankfurt Westend

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air-lux sliding windows for two new residential high-rise buildings in Frankfurt

Exclusive views

The 160 PARK VIEW sets new standards for living in Frankfurt. In combination with a frist-class hotel, the future highest residential building in Frankfurt's inner city district Westend combines luxurious living with the service of a hotel. 129 exclusive freehold apartments on 26 floors.

Each apartment combines the best views with contemporary design. The project impresses with floor-to-ceiling panorama windows and balconies on all floors with unobstructable views of the Frankfurt skyline.

With 140 sliding elements in the living room and 25 elements in the hotel tower, air-lux elements with slide sizes of 2.8 to 3.5 m in height were allowed to participate. In the lower, commercially used floors, the sliders are designed in safety class RC-3.

The sliding elements integrated directly into the façade are fitted with internal all-glass railings which are not visible from the outside so as not to interrupt the façade visually.

The high sound insulation requirements of R´w 42dB are achieved with special glazing and the high tightness of the sliders.

The sliding windows are both manual and motorised. If required, manual sliders can be retrofitted with a motor.

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Constant performance of the air seal

Sliding windows in high-rise buildings are exposed to extreme conditions: The higher the building, the higher the wind loads. Absolute driving rain tightness is required. Conventional sealing systems such as brush seals or rubber sealing lips sometimes wear out heavily after a short time. This wear is caused by the enormous interaction of pressure and suction to which the seals are constantly exposed.

Since the air-lux sealing concept dispenses with complex hardware mechanisms, the system is virtually maintenance-free and convinces with its low maintenance costs.

World's best seal with the air-lux air seal

air-lux seal with membrane function

Due to the interacting wind loads on the facade (pressure/ suction), the sliding wings and the fixed elements bend. With a 3 metre high slider and a maximum permitted deflection of one L150, this results in a deflection of up to 20 millimetres. Due to its membrane-like character, the air-lux air seal adapts to these movements, and the sliding window always remains 100% tight, regardless of whether it is subjected to pressure or suction loads.

Sealing with air, the ingenious solution for high-rise buildings

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