• Glass balustrades – safety and aesthetics

    Glass is an enormously versatile and beautiful building material. It appears elegant and light, and yet it is extremely robust and stable. Used correctly, glass contributes to our quality of life, but also to our safety.

  • Reference Grenzstrasse

    Four residential studios in rear courtyard, steel beam supports with air-lux façade system


  • Residenza Blu hillside villas

    Residenza Blu on a magnificent steep hillside is an architectural masterpiece. Two buildings with eight luxury apartments blend in seamlessly with the Ticino landscape.

  • One-One, two crystals light up

    One-One Living on the Top. The two almost 50-metre high One-One high-rise buildings now light up in the sun.

  • New: "picture frame" sliding doors

    First pictures of a very special façade.

  • 1. Glazed high-rise building in Shanghai

    The HH9 high-rise building in Shanghai is now fully glazed, and the attractive, staggered façade offers light-filled living in the park amid thousands of green trees.

  • 100% dicht aufblasbare Dichtung, Gebäudeaufstockung an der Starkwind ausgesetzten Elbe

    A modern take on a classic

    Peter Tamm's old maritime museum has protected landmark status and is exposed to the powerful winds of the Elbe, was due to be converted stylishly into modern offices and prestigious building.


  • New: "picture frame" sliding doors

    The property, which is currently being built in the Zurich area, features 350 automatic air-lux sliding windows, installed in the exposed concrete façade (picture frame). This customised architectural and technical design is a new development that emerged through a close collaboration with the architects.

  • one-one high-rises in Cham: living at the top

    Krapf AG has received a contract to work on two further high-rise buildings in the Zug area. The company was awarded the contract due to its reputation as a full-service supplier in metal façade construction and producer of pneumatically sealed air-lux sliding windows, which ensure draught-free living comfort even at great heights.

  • Zug’s latest skyscraper is revealed

    The 56-metre high jewel in the centre of Zug is the first residential skyscraper in Switzerland with a sliding casement facade: 18 floors have been enhanced with 136 horizontal, pneumatically-sealed sliding windows from air-lux.

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