Reference Grenzstrasse

Reference properties

Four residential studios in rear courtyard, steel beam supports with air-lux façade system

The four-storey building has been erected on a limited plot in the Winterthur neighbourhood of Töss. Its slim construction creates a sense of height – a flexible residential tower for inexpensive apartments. Upright large-scale sliding air-lux windows evenly stretch over the entire surface of the building, emphasising the vertical, while the open stair tower in in-situ concrete adds a sculptural rear column. The apartment buildings are simply and clearly organised: a core with the bathrooms and the kitchen splits the layout into zones of different areas that can be combined or separated via doors.

Curtain wall across four floors

  • 32 air-tight air-lux sliding windows
  • steel beam supports
  • terrace railing
  • exterior doors
  • fall protections made of Inox mesh
  • shading
  • sheet cladding