Our expertise: special solutions

Implementing architectural visions – without compromises. We value consistent architecture and with around 60 years of experience in façade construction are familiar with the diverse challenges on the path from a great idea to a built reality. With our special solutions for sliding windows, pivot doors and descending windows, we enable a new variety of window shapes, sizes, inclinations, curves and materials. Our goal: complete architectural freedom – without compromises.

air-lux combines precise craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Whether individual sliding leaves or multi-storey glass façade, 20-metre-long descending windows or individually shaped pivot doors, we guarantee in-depth expertise, creative solution competence and professional service from planning and production to on-site assembly. In Switzerland and around the world.

These three characteristics make air-lux the right choice for special solutions


We find innovative, tailor-made solutions for every architectural challenge.

We embody innovation – in other words, we are inventive, flexible and solution-oriented. With the help of state-of-the-art technology such as 3D planning or 3D printers and a wealth of know-how in all areas of the company, we are able to handle the most demanding customer requirements efficiently and reliably.

Using the patented air-lux sealing concept ensures optimum performance with every special solution.


Thanks to the patented air-lux sealing concept, almost any special solution is 100% impermeable.

In addition to functionality, one of the biggest challenges when developing new openable façade elements is performance, i.e. impermeability. The use of air-lux air seals guarantees the best possible performance against driving rain, wind and noise.

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No matter how extraordinary our customers’ wishes are, with air-lux, there are no compromises when it comes to function and performance.

Whether it’s a descending windows, guillotine window or special sliding or pivot door, At air-lux, the principle of ‘safe is safe’ applies to all newly developed prototypes. We always build prototypes in our factory first, test them comprehensively and optimise them and revise them if necessary. Every implementation involves years of expertise in development, planning, production and installation.

Free forms with air-lux pivot doors and windows

Thanks to the patented, inflatable air-lux air seal, air-lux pivot doors and windows can be used to create shapes that were previously impossible with conventional sealing concepts. Windows and doors become a fascinating design element, as their shapes change when they open.

Pivot doors are an impressive alternative to conventional revolving doors, especially for entrance areas with large openings. With their free shapes ? anything from round to asymmetrical ? the pivot windows are an exciting design element for architects.

Guillotine window in XXL

Big is a good thing – but the bigger the better!
This also applies to guillotine windows. For a project in London, we have developed an XXL window with a length of 11m and a height of 2.3m.

Different from our descending window, the window does not disappear into the basement. It goes upwards.

But one thing remains the same. 100% opening combined with 100% performance.

U-shaped descending window

With this special descending window, a three-sided glazing construction is lowered into the floor by the push of a button. With a weight of almost 5 tons, this descending window is a real eye-catcher! It can be moved almost noiselessly and shows 100% performance due to the patented air seal.

Pivot door extra high

For a project in Hong Kong, we developed 5 pivot doors with a height of 7.5m. The doors are almost 1.5m wide and weigh approx. 550 kg.
Each of the 5 doors has two pneumatic air seals which ensure a unique performance.
We develop pivot doors that are not only large, but also airtight!

Piet Eckert, Architect, E2A Architects, Zurich, Switzerland

“Freedom of design means being able to realise my vision without compromises. That requires innovative partners that bring the extraordinary to life, such as air-lux and the windows installed on the concrete façade.”


air-lux sliding windows pass hurricane tests

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