With the air-lux safe configuration, the robust air-lux basic construction can be enhanced through custom safety packages.

With its various safety packages, air-lux offers comprehensive protection functions to protect people and property to the desired degree. All safety measures remain invisible and change neither the profile nor the glass surface.

Active safety through the use of specific materials

The highly resistant air-lux basic construction can be enhanced with additional mechanical and electronic components and specific glasses in tested designs that can be upgraded up to class RC3.

Special glass combinations can offer greater protection if needed:

  • Laminated safety glass in various classes for effective break-in protection
  • Alarm glass
  • Bullet-proof glass (class P6B or higher)

Passive safety through electronic monitoring

Electronic components for monitoring the closing position and locking of the sliding casement windows make it possible to control and monitor the sliding windows through the building management technology (alarm system, home automation system, etc.) – including with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Expert air-lux technicians are available for the necessary coordination with safety technicians and electrical consultants.