Alarm package

As with the air-lux sliding windows and pivot doors, there are also safety-relevant accessories for the descending windows. However, as the descending windows are always operated electromechanically and cannot be opened manually, no mechanical locking is necessary.

If necessary, air-lux provides independent contacts for the alarm system tested by the VdS (Verband der Sachversicherer).
With the help of these contacts, the in-house alarm system can evaluate the following states:

  • Window opened/closed
  • Window unlocked/locked

VdS and alarm system

If alarm glass is installed, it is transferred directly to the alarm system without a sensor using a cable in the utility room under the window front.

As soon as the alarm system is activated, the buttons can be deactivated electronically using the ‘button lock’. This prevents false alarms.

Alarm glass with integrated alarm system
VDS-tested magnetic contact