Alarm package

If necessary, air-lux provides independent contacts for alarm systems that have been tested by the VdS (Verband der Sachversicherer). The air-lux alarm package includes a magnetic contact for position monitoring as well as a bolt contact for closure monitoring.

With the help of these contacts, the in-house alarm system can evaluate the following states:

  • Window opened/closed
  • Window unlocked/locked

VdS and alarm system

For alarm glass with an integrated alarm system, a VdS class B alarm glass sensor is also installed.

The alarm system is integrated into the safety glass and protected from weather influences. Any attack that leads to the splintering of the pane alerts the alarm system and the alarm is triggered.

The glass remains functional and offers the appropriate safety depending on the selected safety class of the glass.

VDS-tested magnetic contact
Alarm glass with integrated alarm system
Swivel bolt with feedback contact