Burglary protection

As the descending window fronts are always operated electromechanically and cannot be opened manually, no mechanical locking is required here, unlike sliding windows and pivot doors. Due to the size and weight, the burglary protection is essentially limited to the resistance class of the glass. The system itself has no resistance class (not tested).

Resistance classGlassSafetyResistance time
RC 1P2ASimple attacks with the simplest tool3 minutes
RC 2P4AOccasional offenders with light tools3 minutes
RC 3P5AHabitual perpetrators5 minutes
RC 4P6AExperienced perpetrators with sawing and impact tools10 minutes
RC 5P7ASame as above, with electric tools15 minutes
RC 6P8ASame as above, with powerful tools20 minutes

In addition to the safety classes listed above, bulletproof glazing is also possible. The resistance class of the glasses here goes from BR1 (handgun with 9 mm calibre) up to the rifles with calibre of 12/70.