Insect protection

The insect-resistant pleated blinds are suitable for both large and small sliding windows. The net is pushed to the side like an accordion by means of a handle and remains in any desired position. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the pleated blinds can be operated with little effort.

The insect screen is laterally integrated to the profile and is not visible when the window is closed. The maximum standard size of the insect repellent pleated blinds is 3,300 mm in height and 850 mm in width. Larger dimensions are theoretically feasible, but not recommended.

Slider closed
Slider with pleated blinds open

For allergies, special pollen protection can also be integrated into the insect repellent pleated blinds. This pollen protection effectively filters the finest floating particles from the air you breathe and guarantees allergy sufferers a relaxed living experience.

Insect screen when slider is open/closed
Insect screen when slider open 


Insect protection