Switchable glasses

In the age of IoF (Internet of Façades), switchable glasses are also increasingly being used. They offer the option of adjusting the transparency of the glass individually. This is possible either over the entire glass (see Figure 1) or over certain parts of a glass (see Figure 2).

Fig. 1: Different transparency levels per glass

The glass can also be controlled via the building management system. Transparency and opacity can be adjusted, for example, to whether someone is at home or not. It is also possible to adjust by time or light.

In addition to the adjustable screen, the glass also offers adjustable sun protection. At maximum darkness, it can keep out up to 96% of the solar energy, preventing the room from heating up unintentionally.

The colouring of the glass can also be chosen – blue and grey shades as well as brown shades are possible. You are free to choose the product – switchable glasses are possible with all air-lux products.

Switchable glasses are only slightly limited in size, even if these limits are getting bigger and bigger. The maximum glass sizes are currently approx. 3.5 x 1.6 m.

Fig. 2: Different levels of transparency within the glass (increasing transparency from top to bottom)