Draft-free comfort thanks to the inflatable air-lux seal
Draft-free comfort thanks to the inflatable air-lux seal
The large-surface, sliding air-lux windows are highly efficient thermal insulating components
The large-surface, sliding air-lux windows are highly efficient thermal insulating components

Construction physics

air-lux windows with triple-layer insulating glass conform to the Swiss Minergie standard. Specific requirements in terms of solar and thermal insulation are fulfilled by selecting the right glass.


The refined air-lux system technology fulfils all structural standards and is also ideally suited to sustainable, modern construction from an energy standpoint. The use of high-quality insulating glass, the patented air-lux pneumatic seal and the flawlessly planned and expertly implemented connections to the structure ensure excellent insulating performance.

Moreover, through targeted glass selection, air-lux offers the following advantages:

  • Maximum light transmission for brightly lit rooms and a pleasant ambience
  • Optimal utilisation of solar energy through various coatings
  • Ideal for passive and low-energy houses
  • Combinable with safety and noise-insulating functions

Resistance to wind pressure (EN 12210) class C4 / B4

The profile technology of the air-lux system unites the two architectural imperatives of aesthetics and structural functionality. air-lux sliding windows are designed for very high stresses and are suitable for buildings in exposed locations (e.g. coastal areas) as well as high-rises whose façades are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Air permeability (EN 12207) class 4

For a window system, air permeability is one of the key factors. Thanks to the patented pneumatic sealing system, air-lux is 100% impermeable.

Driving rain leakproofness (EN12208) class E1500

Driving rain leakproofness describes the capability of a window-façade system to prevent water leakage while in a closed and locked position under a defined amount of pressure. air-lux is the only sliding window system to achieve top values and the class E1500 for sliding windows up to 25 m2.

Noise insulation (EN 14351-1)

air-lux is equally impressive when it comes to noise insulation. When the window seals are applied, the system meets increased noise insulation requirements. For a complete façade construction (frame and glass), air-lux can achieve noise insulation values of up to 43dB.

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