Sliding window elements in unparalleled dimensions
Sliding window elements in unparalleled dimensions
View with no window frames
View with no window frames

Dimensions and weights


The maximum dimensions for sliding elements and fixed windows are:

  • Sliding element size 8000 x 3100 mm (W x H)
  • Individual special formats upon request

Thanks to modern profile technology, even multi-storey windows can be achieved. Contact us for details.


The reference value for calculating the weight of an element with triple-layer insulating glass is 65 kg/m2 (fixed or sliding window). Depending on the composition of the insulating glass, weights of up to 1800 kg are possible – and yet easy to slide thanks to the robust track and running rail construction. If a sliding element weighs over 500 to 600 kg, employing the integrated electric drive is advisable.

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