Pivot door, eastern Switzerland

Project information

air-lux pivot doors

This pivotal balcony door connects interior and exterior spaces and meets the most stringent requirements in terms of wind, sound and waterproofing. These impermeability values can only be achieved thanks to the superior, patented air-lux air sealing technology. As with the sliding windows, the pivot doors also use inflatable seals. Since the pivot point of the door is in the middle of the profile, two air seals are used here: one on the inside and one on the outside of the pivot point.
At an impressive 2.6 metres wide and 3 metres high and weighing 600 kilograms, opening and closing the door is magical.

Architecture firm

Roger Bechtiger


Daniel Ammann

German Innovation Award 2020 winner

Excellence in business to business

German Design Award 2020

Excellent product design

AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Construction

Construction 2019

Calwey houses of the year

The best product of 2019


Product prize 2019

HEINZE Architects Darling 2019

Silver jury award