Connection to building management system

Do you want to monitor, open and close your air-lux sliding windows from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone? With the direct connection of the air-lux sliding windows to your building management system, this is easily possible.

What is a building management system?

A building management system, also called building automation, is an advanced concept of electrical installation. As many electrical components of a building as possible (e.g. lights, windows, shades, heating, etc.) are combined and controlled via the home automation system. This increases not only the ease of use, but also the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of a building.

Possible examples

  • When leaving the house:
    You want to leave the house, but the alarm system reports that some motorized air-lux windows are still open. You can now close all the sliding windows via the home automation system using a smartphone or tablet, at the touch of a button.
    As soon as you get the feedback that all sliding windows are closed, the alarm system can be armed and you can leave the house without having to go to the respective window again.
  • Bad weather is approaching:
    Via a weather station connected to the home automation system, upcoming thunderstorms are detected early. So that the interior inventory and the floors do not get water damage, the windows close automatically as soon as the weather station registers wind or rain.
  • Operation via smartphone:
    You’re having a leisurely afternoon at the movies. Without getting up, you can use your smartphone to monitor the position of the windows and, if desired, open or close them.


Floating contacts can trigger various actions, such as:

This means that air-lux sliding windows are compatible with all conventional building management systems.

Smart window

The smart window was developed in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart home. IoT technologies link physical and virtual objects with each other and allow them to communicate with each other using information and communication technologies. The aim of these technologies – as well as the smart window of air-lux – is to increase the quality of living, safety and the efficient use of energy.

“Alexa, please let in some fresh air!

The smart window can be operated with voice control via Siri or Alexa. It can also be operated via touch surface and remote air radio remote control.


A CO2 measuring device installed in the window frame detects poor indoor climate and informs residents.

It is also possible to measure the outdoor climate (CO2, NO2, decibel values, etc.). Residents can set limit values at which the window will ask if it should open.


Before you leave home, the smart window tells you whether a window is still open.

Motion sensors and room monitoring devices can monitor the room while the owner is away.

If an alarm is triggered, a smoke-filled petard goes off, filling the room with smoke and causing an intruder to lose sight.


The onset of rain or thunderstorms is detected immediately, and open windows are closed. Residents are informed in advance in the event of a storm.

Each individual window measures the amount of sunlight. The shading is controlled individually for each window.


To optimise service intervals, RFID chips are installed, which monitor the service life of the individual components and trigger a service message if necessary.

You can select whether the feedback from the window should be sent acoustically or in writing via the building management system.