Indirect ventilation

With air-lux, you have the option of activating natural air convection via the air-lux air seal.

An additional button or the building management system can switch the air seal to inactive (seal withdrawn and vented). This creates a 5 mm opening around the sliding sash between the sliding window and the fixed element. With an average sash size of 3×3 m, this already results in an opening cross-section of 25×25 cm (600 cm²).

The locking bolt in the upper profile remains closed, meaning that the window is virtually still closed and 100% secure. Indirect ventilation also fulfils the RC2/RC3 safety classes.

Another advantage of indirect ventilation over conventional ventilation windows, such as a tilting window, is the improved sound insulation. With indirect ventilation, external noise is reduced by 22 dB thanks to the overlapping of the sliding window. This corresponds to the noise of a road about 40 m away.