air-lux celebrates its 20th Anniversary – Innovation Made in Engelburg

The company and its air sealing technology are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Since its founding by Krapf AG in 2004, air-lux has been dedicated to developing and perfecting innovative window solutions. It all began with a pioneering spirit and a groundbreaking idea: the production of minimalist and oversized sliding windows that are 100% airtight.

Bold by conviction

The realization of the first project with over 400 sliding elements was a bold step, as there was no prior experience with the use of air sealing in a sliding window system. After the successful implementation of the project and extremely positive feedback from the architects and customers, the potential of the new technology was quickly recognized, leading to the founding of the air-lux brand. To alleviate initial customer skepticism about the new technology, air-lux has offered a 10-year warranty on the air system from the beginning. This important decision significantly contributed to the success and breakthrough of the air-lux system.

The innovative solutions from air-lux are in demand worldwide. From Switzerland to Europe, Asia, and the USA, air-lux has realized various demanding projects over the past 20 years. With the installation of over 7,000 sliding windows worldwide, the demand for highly airtight products is impressively demonstrated. In recent years, the company has expanded its range to include not only classic sliding windows but also pivot doors, descending and guillotine windows. All products, of course, feature the patented air-lux air sealing technology.

Continuous system development to this day

In line with the motto “Stagnation is Regression,” air-lux has been investing in the improvement and development of its system from the beginning.

In 2010, tiny air compressors were developed for installation in the upper frame profile. This innovation significantly simplified the system, as no air hoses needed to be routed to a centrally located air compressor. Air-lux Technik AG also holds a patent for this technology.

In 2022, as part of an Innosuisse project in collaboration with ZHAW, the entire system was tested and examined in detail. The focus was particularly on the speed and simplification of the system. During this study, a special coating for the seal was developed, which significantly improves performance and has already been patented.

Air-lux proudly looks back on its achievements and continues to work tirelessly to constantly improve its products and set new standards in the future. We thank our customers, distributors, and business partners for their trust in the air-lux brand and its unique air sealing technology.