air-lux sliding windows used for high-rise buildings in HafenCity Hamburg

More and more architects, facade planners and investors are becoming convinced of the outstanding performance of air-lux seals in high-rise construction. As a result, 221 air-lux sliding windows are currently being used in two high-rise buildings in Hamburg's HafenCity district.

After air-lux sliding windows passed the U.S. tightness and earthquake tests for high-rise buildings with flying colors in the summer of 2020, they are being used more and more frequently for high-rise buildings. This is primarily due to the fact that, thanks to the air-lux air seal, it is possible for the first time to use large sliding windows for high-rise buildings that are also 100% tight. Thanks to the membrane function of the air-lux seal, the sliding windows are absolutely tight despite high pressure and suction loads caused by the wind. In addition, because of the rubber air seal, the sliding windows can respond to building subsidence much better than conventional sliding window systems.

Two high-rise buildings with air-lux sliding window systems for Hamburg’s HafenCity district

At one of the most prominent locations in Hamburg’s HafenCity, the new, exclusive Strandkai residential quarter is being built on the western tip of the Strandkai peninsula. Directly on the Elbe and with a view of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, several residential buildings will be built over the next few years, including two residential towers. They will play a major role in shaping the southern skyline of the city. The air-lux sliding window system has been integrated into both high-rise buildings.

Strandkai residential tower THE CROWN

The prestigious 58 meter high residential tower THE CROWN was designed by ingenhoven architects. The skyscraper’s exterior is characterized by three elements – the open, transparent first floor, the rhythm of triangular balconies, and concise vertical columns. The delicate supporting structure folds like a crown over the building up to the end of the roof. For the luxurious apartments, 149 frameless air-lux sliding sashes are used, allowing for a fabulous panorama.


Investment company: PE Strandkai GmbH & Co.DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG

Architecture: ingenhoven architects

Project management: Assmann Beraten und Planen AG

Facade planning: Prof. Michael Lange Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Facade constructors: Metallica Stahl- und Fassadentechnik GmbH, Wien

Strandkai residential tower FIFTYNINE

Designed by star architect Hadi Teherani, the residential tower comprises 16 floors and a stacked floor as the top finish. All apartments benefit from wraparound balconies that are perceived as ship decks above the water. 72 generously proportioned air-lux sliding sashes provide expansive views over the Elbe River, Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and the city center.


Investment company: PE Strandkai GmbH & Co.DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG

Architecture: Hadi Teherani

Project management: Assmann Beraten und Planen AG

Facade builder: Frener & Reifer, Brixen IT

Why can’t normal sliding windows be used for high-rise buildings?

Due to the height and unprotected location of high-rise buildings, glass facades of high-rise buildings must be able to withstand much more extreme weather conditions. The facade is affected by high wind loads and heavy rainfall, freezing cold in winter and blazing heat in summer.

The high wind loads in particular can quickly become a problem for skyscrapers. While this is usually slowed down by surrounding buildings or trees near the ground, these obstacles disappear above a certain height. The skyscraper must be able to withstand the unchecked energy of the wind. The pressure and suction forces of the wind amount to over 4000 kg per sliding element at exposed locations. Large sliding windows in particular have not been able to withstand these loads until now. In addition, high-rise buildings can sway back and forth several meters due to these enormous wind loads. The windows must be able to absorb these movements of the building structure without losing their tightness.

This is where air-lux sliding windows come into their own. Read in detail in our high-rise product flyer why air-lux is the right choice for high-rise buildings. Or contact us – we will be happy to advise you or answer your questions.

Photos Copyright: PE Strandkai GmbH & Co. KG