New showroom with air-lux descending front

The new air-lux showroom was opened on the roof terrace of Krapf AG's production building in November. Get to know our innovative window and façade solutions in an architecturally stylish ambience.

air-lux Retractable Front

We are proud to present the air-lux descending front, an all-glass façade element that descends from the ceiling. The showroom is a multimedia consulting and meeting space for architects, façade planners and owners – for you as a customer and for joint projects. 

Visits are welcome; please call us at +41(0)71 272 26 00.


  • Descending front, 4.8 m wide, 1,200 kg
  • All-glass interior flush system, 8 m wide
  • Manually operated sliding windows, 4 m wide, 650 kg
  •  Drive technology, pneumatic seal, base valve
  • Integrated glass parapet
  • Shading, surface pattern
  • air-lux connect with bronze and wood profiles
  • Pneumatic seal

Krapf AG’s office space was expanded as part of the same project. A quiet, generous work environment is the best prerequisite for reliable processing of our customer orders.