The genesis and success story of air-lux on Welt der Wunder

We look back at the beginnings of air-lux more than 17 years ago and tell how Krapf AG, a metal and facade construction company, developed the innovative air-lux product and how it stands out from competing products.

The development of the world’s tightest sliding window system air-lux (Welt der Wunder TV)

In 2004, the Swiss metal and façade construction company Krapf AG was faced with the challenge of developing airtight sliding windows with widths of over 4 meters and heights of 2.5 meters for an architectural project – dimensions that were not yet available on the market at that time. Heinz Sauter, member of the Board of Directors and former business owner, came up with the idea of air sealing for the required floor- and ceiling-flush and frameless sliding windows. At that time, air seals already existed in clean room technology – so why not for sliding windows as well?

So Krapf AG developed the sliding window system air-lux and founded the company Air-lux Technik AG for this purpose. Over the past 17 years, the system has been continuously developed and optimized. Today, air-lux is the world’s tightest sealing system for windows and is used not only for sliding windows but also for pivot doors and lowering windows. Due to the uniqueness of the air seal, air-lux is the only sliding window that can be installed in high-rise buildings all over the world.

Experience the history and development of air-lux in the short film of Welt der Wunder and learn more about the milestones of Air-Lux Technik AG.