More than just a window

With the Smart-Window, air-lux shows a piece of the future: an intelligent, interactive window that is operated via voice control and has numerous functions that go far beyond the "normal" window.

The Smart-Window was developed in the context of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and the "Smart Home". The IoT technologies link physical and virtual objects and let them communicate with each other through information and communication technologies. The aim of these technologies - as well as the Smart-Window of airlux - is to increase the quality of life, security and energy efficiency.

«Alexa, please let in some fresh air! How warm is it outside?»

Craftsmanship, creativity and innovation - swiss made.

air-lux is the floor-to-ceiling glass facade system with large sliding windows and a patented seal concept that sets the standard – aesthetically, technologically and functionally

Whether it’s a high-rise, private villa or special solution, air-lux allows builders and architects to realise their creative vision. Without compromise. air-lux guarantees expertise, creative solutions and professional service in every phase of the project – in Switzerland and around the world.

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The features - what can the Smart-Window do?


A CO2 measuring device installed in the window frame detects a poor room climate and informs the occupants.

It is also possible to measure the outside climate (CO2, No2, decibel values, etc.). The occupant can store limit values at which the window asks if it should open.


Before leaving home, the Smart-Window tells you if a window is still open.

Room monitoring devices and movement sensors can monitor the room during the owners' absence.

When an alarm is triggered, the room is filled with smoke and the intruder loses sight.


The onset of rain or thunderstorms is detected immediately, open windows are closed. In the event of a thunderstorm, the occupant is informed in advance.

Each individual window measures the solar radiation. The shading is controlled individually for each window.


In order to optimize service intervals, RFID chips are installed which monitor the service life of the individual components and trigger a service message if required.

It is possible to select whether the feedback messages of the window are to be sent acoustically or in writing via the house control system.

Can be operated via voice control or App

The Smart-Window can be operated with voice control via Siri or Alexa. It can also be operated via Touch Surface and "Remote Air" remote control.

You are as fascinated by the Smart-Window as we are?
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FAQs Smart-Window

What is the technology of the Smart-Window based on?

The Smart-Window is based on the smart home system from Loxone, one of the leading providers of smart home technologies.

When and where can you buy the Smart-Window?

The Smart-Window can now be purchased from Krapf AG in Engelburg, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Contact us

Will the Smart-Window have a greater significance in the future?

In our society, smart home technologies are becoming increasingly important. The networking and communication of smart household appliances simplifies our lives and improves the quality of life. The Smart-Window can make a major contribution in this area.

Are individual wishes feasible?

Due to the highly developed motherboard of the air-lux window and the many possibilities of Loxone smart-home technologies, practically all customers' wishes can be realised. There are no limits to your imagination! You are welcome to see for yourself! Contact us.

World's best impermeability

With the patented, air-assisted sealing system, air-lux sliding windows guarantee outstanding construction qualities. When closed, the perimeter ring seal ensures 100 % impermeability against heavy rain, wind and noise. In contrast to systems with sealing lips or brushes, this invisible, nearly maintenancefree air-lux technology enables consistent performance of the air seal without signs of wear. This leads to very low maintenance costs and an improved ROI (return on investment).

Complete air-lux technology film

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air-lux Impermeability