Descending Window wins the Award for «Best Product» at the Award «Houses of the Year 2020»

The air-lux descending window wins again! After the German Design Award 2020 our retractable window wins the «Houses of the Year 2020» award from Callwey Verlag for «The Best Product».

Air-lux Wins «Best Product»
The air-lux Descending Window

The Corana situation showed us – having a beautiful and comfortable home is incredibly valuable. The single-family home has always been a privilege. But especially today, when the home should also be an office, classroom, playground and gym, the single-family home becomes more valuable than ever before. The architecture should manifest the individual living needs and wishes of its users. It should be sustainable, but at the same time aesthetic.

With this background, the «Houses of the Year 2020» award is as topical and relevant as ever. For the tenth time now, Callwey Verlag, in cooperation with the Deutsches Architektur Museum and partners such as the magazin Das IDEALE HEIM, announced the competition «Houses of the Year – the best single-family homes». In the evaluation, the emphasis was placed on sustainability, innovative use of materials, creative handling of the structural situation and consistent execution.

The air-lux descending window has already won the prestigious German Design Award 2020 this year. The retractable window can be opened across its entire width and sinks completely into the floor. With this system, enormous sizes of up to 25m2 surface can be realized. The air-lux descending windows are manufactured in Switzerland from high-quality aluminium profiles and materials. The processing of the robust and at the same time filigree frames meets the highest quality standards.

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