Red Dot Award 2022 for innovative sliding system

In collaboration with air-lux, Schüco has developed the innovative panorama design sliding system Schüco AS AL 75. The sliding system with the active sealing concept from air-lux, which is 100% tight even under strong wind loads and building subsidence, as well as having the best running properties, convinced the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Award: the system won in the Product 2022 category. "With its sophisticated sealing system, the high-quality Schüco AS AL 75 sliding system sets new standards in terms of functionality and expands the range of applications for sliding sashes," said the expert jury.

That’s how the air-lux sealing concept works – integrated in the Schüco Panorama Design sliding system AS AL 75

Usable for high-rise buildings

Especially in high-rise buildings, up to now sliding sashes with conventional seals have rarely been used. The membrane-like character of the pneumatic seal from air-lux remains absolutely tight even with large dimensions of up to 25 m2 and 1,800 kg sash weight: Once the seal is activated and inflated, it presses itself against the sash profile and completely seals the gap between the sash and the frame.

High wind loads

Even under high wind loads of up to 4,000 kg per sliding element in exposed positions, the active air seal constantly adapts to the movements. The constant contact pressure of the air seal eliminates any play in the sliding element, which is why impact noise from the profiles is a thing of the past.

Absorption of building subsidence

In the free-span floors and ceilings of high-rise buildings, there are often major movements between the stabilizing supports. The Panorama Design sliding system Schüco AS AL 75 with the active sealing system from air-lux remains constantly tight even with lintel drops of up to 40 mm and plinth drops of up to 20 mm.

Perfect running properties

A button ensures that the air escapes when the sliding sash is operated and the seal returns to its original, rolled-up position. This achieves the best running properties, without any friction.

Strategic partnership

Against the background of the high requirements for sliding elements in high-rise construction, air-lux and Schüco in Germany have entered into a strategic partnership. By combining their respective competencies, the two companies have set themselves the goal of jointly opening up international markets with high-density sliding systems. The Red Dot Award confirms the success of this partnership. In Germany, the air-lux sealing concept is distributed by Schüco.