The prize that makes innovation visible: the air-lux pivot door wins German Innovation Award 2020

The air-lux pivot door wins an award for its outstanding innovative performance: It is one of the winners of the German Innovation Award 2020 in the category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business - Building & Elements. This is already the sixth award within one year! Herewith the air-lux pivot door beats all records according to the motto: «The winner takes it all».

The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions across all industries, which are distinguished primarily by user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions. After all, innovations that shape the future and improve life exist in all industries. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often you don’t. The German Innovation Award wants to change this. It makes great achievements visible to a broad audience and ensures a successful positioning in the market.

Why is the air-lux pivot door an innovation?

Until now, the widespread opinion was that pivot doors in exterior facades should be rejected for reasons of tightness. The air-lux pivot door is now the first door that is 100% tight and can be integrated directly into a weathered exterior façade without hesitation. The problem with a pivot door is the sealing of the lateral pivot point, because no stop seals can be installed as with conventional doors. The innovation of the air-lux pivot door consists of two circumferential, inflatable air seals, which are inflated by means of an air pump integrated in the frame and close the gap between door leaf and frame 100%.

The demand for pivot doors is currently very high among renowned architectural firms. For the first time, design-oriented architects and technical façade planners can install pivot doors that meet the highest standards not only in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality and tightness.

How is the air-lux pivot door better than its competitors?

The air seal! The differentiation lies in the use of two air seals instead of simple brush or flap seals to seal the door against wind, water and sound insulation.

Numerous awards for the air-lux pivot door

The air-lux pivot door has already received several awards between 2019 and 2020. The crowd-puller at BAU München 2019 has already been honoured with an award from the AIT innovation competition, later in the year with the DETAIL Product Prize 2019 from the trade journal for architecture and in the “Houses of the Year” competition with the Product Prize of the Year 2019 in the category of exterior doors and gates. In the context of the German Design Awards 2020, the pivot door – in addition to the air-lux retractable window – won the “Excellent Product Design” category.

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