Construction sites


The Bürgenstock Resort at a unique location in the heart of Switzerland. 10 villas with air-lux complete building façades, installation finished.

Lakeview Residence villas

Building category: villas, apartments
Service: façade construction / railing construction / sheet cladding
Façade construction: system façade with air-lux

Facts and figures

10 villas, doors, pivot bottom-hung windows, all-glass railings, 74 air-lux sliding windows, shading, sheet cladding

  • Project manager: Markus Eberle
  • Architect: Stücheli Architekten, Zurich
  • Construction management: Schärli Architekten, Lucerne
  • Façade planner: REBA

A luxury resort in the heart of Switzerland – the Bürgenstock Resort, 500 metres above Lake Lucerne. The new Bürgenstock Resort comprises four hotels in the 3-star to 5-star range and features a Healthy Living centre, residential suites with hotel service, a business infrastructure, the unparalleled 10,000 m2 Bürgenstock Alpine Spa, and numerous restaurants and bars – all in the middle of a breathtaking mountain landscape.